As a company we have vowed that we want to help people with their finances. We want to be able to introduce different concepts to people and hope that some of them will appeal to them and they will be able to learn from them. We hope that by gently introducing ideas we can help people to change their ways bit by bit and improve their finances. This should hopefully lead to them wanting to learn more and more and get better and better at it. It seems to be almost assumed that we will just be able to know how to deal with out finances without much help. However, this is not true at all and it is something we need to learn like everything else. Some of us have been lucky enough to have been taught by our parents or to teach ourselves in books, but many people have not and they keep making mistakes, perhaps without even realising it. This is why we want to help and hope that we can help people, that perhaps would not have otherwise found help elsewhere. This is why we hope that the information that we have will appeal to lots of people and address problems that they might have. We try to keep things simple to as we do not expect anyone to have prior finance knowledge to be able to follow our tips and hints.