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Water Safety

As an outdoor water sport, UCBC is committed to giving our members a fun and enjoyable experience, and hence safety is an important priority.

The governing body of rowing in Oxford, "Oxford University Rowing Clubs (OURCs)", requires that every rower and cox complete a simple - albeit mandatory - swim test in order to be eligible to participate:

At present the test consists of (in general terms):

  • Wearing a t-shirt and shorts (as a minimum)
  • 50m swimming (any stroke)
  • Surface dive for 5m. You must have your full body submerged for the full length.
  • Tread water for 2minutes. When treading water you are expected to have your full head above the water and have your airways open.

This is in-line with the requirements of British Rowing and all have real-world practical reasons for their inclusion. All testing is carried out by qualified personnel.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with either the Men's or Women's Vice Captain for futher information. You can also contact the Vice-President, who acts as the club safety officer.