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Hilary 2016: from the Social Sec

It has been a fun year so far for UCBC! At the beginning of the academic year we held a drinks event in our club room for all members of the boat club, which was a lovely occasion to enjoy the wonderful boat house we have and to catch up with all members who were or weren’t rowing last term. We hope to see more evenings like this in our boat house in the future! Also last term the women’s first boat attended a formal hall with the Master and other UCBC members to celebrate their hard earned blades won in Summer VIIIs, which of course was an excellent celebration. More recently, after Torpids this Hilary term we all attended our Torpids Dinner in college to celebrate the end of the regatta and all of our successes. It was terrific for everyone to come together and have fun after all our hard work, and made even better by being held on the same day that our men’s first eight won blades! To finish off the term, the annual UCBC Bar Crawl was held at the end of Hilary and was an enjoyable evening for all. It was great to meet up again after the end of Torpids, with the men’s and women’s side teaming up with their counterpart crews to complete the challenge. We are all looking forward to many more fun times along with Summer VIIIs next term!

Hannah Hendry
Social Secretary

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

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