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Hilary 2016: from the Men's Vice-Captain

Hilary ‘16 proved a tempestuous term for the lower men's boats of UCBC. High rainfall and poor conditions led to an erg-heavy term for the second and third crews. The lack of water time was especially unfortunate given the high novice turnover that the men's side enjoyed going into Hilary. Much of the term's rowing was lost to the elements, and it's unfortunate that our recent novices didn't get an appropriate amount of training going into Torpids.

Despite the best efforts of coach and former Univ W1 rower Jojo Bowman, M3's hard work for the term went unrewarded as they narrowly missed out on Rowing On qualification. M2's fortunes, sadly, were no better. For all their efforts M2 were unable to escape spoons, falling a division in the process.

Spurred on by the missed opportunities of Hilary, the rowers of M2 and M3 have been training hard in the weeks since. With rowers returning for Trinity, we can look forward to some stronger performances at the end of May.

Mack Grenfell
Men’s Vice Captain

M2 Racing in Torpids 2016


Posted on Apr 20, 2016

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