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The "Dusty" Miller University College Head Porter's VIII's Plate

dusty The Head Porter's VIII's Plate, named in honour of former Head Porter James "Dusty" Miller, is awarded to the person the Univ Porters think is the University College Boat Club "person of the year". The award - a closely guarded secret only revealed at the Eights Dinner - recognises the hard work and dedication of the person who, while not necessarily the best rower or coxswain, contributes most to the Boat Club.

Previous winners are

  • 2005 Anna White
  • 2006 Matthew Suggit
  • 2007 John Bray
  • 2008 Tom Burkin
  • 2009 Emily Smeaton
  • 2010 Elizabeth Creek
  • 2011 Louise Lane
  • 2012 Crispin Smith
  • 2013 Hannah Roberts
  • 2014 Ed Beard